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Equi-N-icE FAQs

A  selection of questions frequently asked questions about Equi-N-icE and Equi-N-icE products. 

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 How Does It Work  

Are Equi-N-icE and Equinice products the same thing?

Yes. The official name of the product range is Equi-N-icE however, some of our customers and stockists use Equinice for simplicity. All packaging uses to the proper title Equi-N-icE.

Is it safe to use Equi-N-icE products on competition horses?

Yes. Horses who have had Equi-N-icE applied have been consistently blood and urine tested whilst using the product under British Jockey Club rules.

Can we use Equi-N-icE with any bandage?

No. Our bandage is made from special 100% undyed cotton, which has its own natural elasticity, so compression can be applied during application. Do not use on a bandage that has elasticity in it as this could dry and tighten and damage legs.

Can I safely leave the bandage on for more than two hours?

Yes. The bandage will eventually dry out and the bandage can be safely left on for support overnight.

Can I wash the Equi-N-icE bandage?

Yes. Wash it as you would any normal cotton bandage, in a warm wash.

Can I cover the Equi-N-icE bandage?

No, because Equi-N-icE works by rapid evaporation, any covering is counterproductive.

Is the Rapid Cooler OK to use under another rug?

By covering the Cooler you will stop evaporation occurring but adding a layer of the Hi Tec Sports fabric will help keep the horse temperate while traveling.

Can I use the Rapid Cooler Rug for a long trip without recharging?

Yes once the Rapid Cooler has cooled the horse the rug will help maintain a cool temperature while traveling or standing in a hot environment.

Is it easy to wash and dry the Rapid Cooler?

Yes just cool machine wash and line dry.